Cornwall Full Time $15.50/hr, 41 hrs/wk

Olymel - Job Details

Posted: Mar 30, 2021
Expires: Jun 30, 2021

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY: Under the direction of the Production Supervisor, Production General Labourers will: manipulate product on the production line, manually pack goods into bags and boxes or other containers. They will ensure the work areas and equipment are clean, feed and unload processing machines. They will also check products and packaging for quality defects.

Requirement Summary

REQUIREMENTS: • Good manual dexterity; • Mature, autonomous, responsible, and dependable; • Production experience is an asset; • Physically fit and capable of performing repetitive tasks in a fast paced environment; • Working in a refrigerated department, 40-45 degrees Fahrenheit (3-7 degrees Celsius); • Ability to lift up to 50lbs (23kg); • Capable of working on the production line while standing during the eight (8) hour shift; JOB DUTIES: • Perform manual tasks on a production line to process and package meat; • Capable of following direction from immediate Supervisor; • Ensure product meets customer specific; • Other duties as assigned by the immediate Supervisor.

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